May 19, 2010

An initiative in Australia

I was delighted to find that there is a twin-less twins forum based in Perth Australia. Anyone in Australia want to be a poster here on our world blog?

I found a blog about womb twin survivors there.


May 18, 2010


It's such good news & something that needs to be shouted about, semaphored & signalled & shared all around.  We've another healed person here in Ireland.  Yes, we know someone else who has completed their journey from the "Doom of the Womb" to "Light & Delight."  It's really important that this is made known because some people who've lost womb mates don't believe that healing is possible.  It absolutely is. 

If you choose not to heal that's perfectly ok; it's your right.  And it's so important that you know that you can heal if you wish to.  Let's have a  quick look at reasons for allowing yourself to heal:
1.  You will have more energy to direct outward into the world for your good & the good of those around you.
2.   It makes the death of your womb twin/s less tragic because now you're fully able to make the most of your life. (They were unable to have a life - when healed you can live fully - in a way making up for their loss.)
3.   You can be an inspiration to other people who've lost womb twins - who are they going to relate to better:  a therapist who's speaking from a theoretical view point or to you who knows what it's like to grieve for the closest beings you could ever know?
4.  This Ghandi quote relates to the last point:  "Be the change you want to see in the world." When you allow yourself to heal, you allow the world to heal.

Why not look at what this newly-healed one has to say?

May 13, 2010

Womb Twin Gathering in New York

I live in Texas, a long way away from New York, and am in the midst of getting my latest novel--a historical fiction about a womb twin survivor--ready for launch late this summer, (details to come later) so I am sad that I can't attend the U.S. Womb Twin Gathering, but I will be sending positive thoughts their way.
The U.S. blog describes the gathering:
  1. Did you, or someone you know, lose a twin or multiple in the womb or at birth?
  2. Are you a social worker or therapist who would benefit from finding out more about this soon-to-be classified condition?
  3. Do you have vague feelings & behaviors related to incompleteness/self-sabotage for which there is no other explanation?
Then don't miss this unique opportunity to register for the upcoming Womb Twin Gathering in NYC on May 22 at 12pm. It will be an informal opportunity to find out more about the affects of reliving the dream of the womb, to interact with others on this healing journey and gain tools & resources for healing.
Agenda as follows:
12:00-12:45pm - All: Share our womb story
12:45-2:00pm - All: Updates on each of our healing journeys
2:00-2:15pm - (Break)

2:15-2:45pm - Monica + Barbara R: Experience with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)
2:45-3:15pm - Barbara M: Open Space UK 2009 conference wrap-up
3:15-4:00pm - All: Discussion on clutter/hoarding, kicked off by Barbara M’s Open Space clutter journey
4:00-4:30pm - All: Book reviews/Resources/Open Space 2010/misc
4:30-4:45pm - (Break)

4:45-5:45pm - Free time for everyone to share and bring up issues of special interest
5:45-6:00pm - Closing ritual in remembrance of our womb mates
  • Location near Grand Central Station to be announced.
  • Come discover that you don't have to suffer alone! Learn to reclaim your life without survivor guilt!
  • To register please reply to this post or contact Monica at 347 683 4063.

May 06, 2010

The First One.....

Dublin support group, that is, was a success as you can see. 

Whether you're living in Ireland or visiting on the 2nd of June, you're very welcome to come to our next one - keep checking back here for details.......

May 03, 2010

Hoarding, Clutter, Holding: Take the Survey

We need to get down to a real understanding of how "hoarding/clutter/holding on to things" is related to being a womb twin survivor (if at all!) So I have made an online survey. (There was a rather pathetic Wuffoo survey a while ago but that was not very helpful. This one is a bit more wide- ranging and may point to something useful.)