August 19, 2014

Founder & Pioneer of Womb Twin, Althea Hayton, leaves rich legacy

With great sadness, let it be known that pioneer and "Goddess of All Things Womb Twin" as I liked to call her, Althea Hayton, has left our little world for the great beyond. She passed peacefully with loved ones, succumbing to ALS on Wednesday. Though this loss will be felt surely by all who ever came into contact with her, the impact of this loss long term cannot be measured. The progress she made to identify and treat a condition so off the radar, has not only saved and improved lives directly but has radically transformed everything we know about humanity. She did so much in the past seven years to establish this syndrome and its healing path, this leaves much for us to build on for an idea whose time has not yet come but is getting nearer. As the person who received the most guidance & mentoring from her, both personally and as a practitioner of her work, I shall endeavor to pass on the knowledge to keep the spark alive and to do the work, raise awareness, and continue to make Althea proud by helping people with her wisdom. It's up to all of us now to make Althea proud given the rich legacy she has left us and we know too much now to ever turn back... Farewell, Althea, Let us pray that you are at Peace with your womb twin, Ben, together again at last! Love & Blessings from Monica Hudson,Womb Twin USA
Althea Hayton, March 2014, at the womb twin capital of the world - the white structure is her Conservatory where many powerful breakthroughs occurred.

August 03, 2014

It All Originates from the Womb

Whether you are a living twin, a twinless twin or a womb twin survivor, your in-utero relationships gave you an awareness singletons don't have. These early imprints created dynamics that play out in relationships, which can be harnessed & healed, when made conscious. Many people find it hard to believe early loss of a twin or multiple in the womb can affect someone. In my experience of working with many twinless twins and womb twin survivors - of all genders, zygosities, ages - the earlier the loss, the deeper the trauma. That being said, let us be grateful that the twinless twins mentioned in this article, got to be born and have a relationship with their twin. Each sacred day, hour, moment they had together was a cherished gift before it all changed forever...