April 27, 2012

Conference: Early bird booking ends next week!

WombTwin: Early bird booking ends next week!: There is still a chance to book your place at our conference and save money. A small deposit is all that is needed now, and you can pay the rest later, or even on the day!

April 26, 2012

Do not oppose, compose!

What you resist, persists. That is because, by your continued attention to it in a negative way, you continue to place it there. You cannot resist something that is not there. When you resist something, you place it there. By focusing angry or frustrated energy on it, you actually give it more life.
Changing something is not resisting something, it is merely choosing again. Change is not resistance, but alteration. To modify is not to resist, but rather, to continue Personal Creation.
Modification is creation. Resistance is the end of creation. It firmly holds the previous creation in place.
Do you see?
At every moment of difficulty and challenge in your life you have a choice: opposition or composition. To repeat: You can either oppose that which you are experiencing, or compose that which you chose.
Compose what you chose.

Neale Donald Walsch here

I want to free myself from the pain of loss and live my life fully, as I have the right to live, but I'm angry, frustrated, resisting to accept myself, resisting to accept that I am also this loss.

Neale Donald Walsh says that through this resistance, this rigidity, this tension, I persistently put myself in exactly the same place, I cannot move forward. What he says is that I get stuck in my own plot, repeating the same pattern over and over again.

What he points out as a solution is the non-resistance, the abandonment, the relaxation, based on the deep trust that life is perfect and that everything is as it should be.
Neale says that there is the possibility, rather than fight to eliminate the sadness and confusion (e.g.) that characterises me, to receive it with tranquillity, only compounding, changing/modifying certain practical options in my life to achieve a full life that I crave.

Composition rather than opposition!
... sounds good to me!

April 16, 2012

April 01, 2012

Womb Twin Survivors: Womb twin story 1: I found my twin in a dream

Womb Twin Survivors: Womb twin story: I found my twin in a dream: Around the age of 10 years I spoke with my mother one afternoon about a common dream/nightmare which I had from time to time as a little boy...

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