December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - is coming in 2014!

Dear Womb Twin Survivors, I'm excited to announce that a new healing portal called will soon be available to Womb Twin Survivors who want to connect, heal and share their process interactively online. Harnessing technology, this new modality will provide a tool for Womb Twin Survivors to be guided along the healing path, with a rating scale of the techniques so they can be measured for effectiveness, and a place for expression which documents healing journeys. It’s like a personal scrapbook of transformation which continually helps others on the path and reserves your spot in Womb Twin History! Here are the preliminary details: Site name: ~where former twins and multiples connect and heal~ • 12 Healing Steps will be presented via video featuring proven techniques presented by Monica Hudson based on Althea Hayton's Steps to Healing • Members will document & share their personal healing process for each step via posting of text/photos/video • Members will give each step an effectiveness rating upon completion at their own pace • Upon finishing the 12 steps, members graduate to Twindividual status What is a Twindividual? A former twin/multiple who has healed the grief of their in-utero/post-birth loss and reclaimed their life as an individual who will always be a twin at their core. Twindividuals can stay in the community via continued interaction providing guidance to help other Womb Twin Survivors become Twindividuals Other features include: • Question of the Month - with answer board • Discussion Topics Board - click to connect on specific issues organized by topic which are of interest to Womb Twin Survivors • Resources – Find practioners around the world who are adept at understanding/treating our special needs Here you will interact/share/post and see/read what others around the world are doing along the healing path! (don’t worry - this is a private community, the general public won’t have access) You Can Heal! You Can Reclaim Your Life! You can go at your own pace! You Can Heal Others! Our natural selflessness and shared experience make us the best candidates to help ourselves and each other so let’s stop wasting time waiting for the world to get it and do what we can, it really is up to us! The target date is Feb 2014 of the initial test program which will be offered to 25 people before becoming widely available. If you are interested, please sign up immediately to secure your place by sending your responses to the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION questions below to If you are not interested in but would like to be added to my contact list, please email me! As the only healer in the world trained directly by Althea Hayton (who has just retired as Chairman) I am keen to build my own database so please do send me a quick email so I know how to reach all you magical and amazing Womb Twins. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Happy New Year! Monica Hudson 347 683 4063 *** MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION*** Make history by applying for the first on-line interactive healing portal for womb twin survivors created by Monica Hudson based on Althea Hayton’s Healing Steps. Don’t delay – space is limited! NAME / EMAIL ADDRESS / CITY/STATE/COUNTRY / GENDER M _ F _ OTHER _ / YOUR WOMB MATES: # SUSPECTED # CONFIRMED NOT SURE (?) / TWIN _ TRIPLET _ QUADRUPLET _ + _ ADDITIONAL INFO ABOUT ME: WHY YOU ARE A GOOD CANDIDATE TO JOIN THE TWINDR HEALING COMMUNITY: HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT TWINDR? I acknowledge that my membership in is not guaranteed and will be confirmed via email. Once confirmed, I understand my membership is completely voluntary and I am free to revoke membership at my own will at any time and may revoke my membership at any time. When membership is granted, I will do my best to complete the healing program at my own pace and contribute as an active member of this community. *PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO TWINDR.COM@GMAIL.COM ASAP TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE – THE FIRST 25 APPLICANTS WHO QUALIFY WILL BEGIN THE TEST ROLL OUT FEB 2014. ONCE TESTED, TWINDR.COM WILL BE WIDELY AVAILABLE AT A LATER DATE TBD* (apologies for the lack of spacing, it's typical that our blog even has separation anxiety!)

December 21, 2013

Celebrating international Womb Twin Day today!

Today is international Womb Twin Day - a day of remembrance in honor of our lost twins who didn't make it to this world. This day was chosen because it is also Winter Solstice, the darkest day before the light. I know that I didn't even know how dark my world was until I found this work, healed, and got to the it is a very fitting day to symbolize our journey. This month also marks a notable time in Womb Twin history with the announcement of Althea Hayton's retirement. Our fearless leader is moving out of her role as Chairman of Womb Twin, so her passage also signifies can we make this time of darkness a time of light and hope for our community? We all need to step up and be the champions and leaders of this cause, it's up to us now and let us be grateful that we found this path at a time when Althea was so available to us. THANK YOU ALTHEA, we will forever be grateful to you for your genius to think of this, your dedication and courage to see it through and your love, caring support and supreme generosity of spirit. We got Althea's spark and now it's up to us to go light fires in the world and not let the embers die out. Don't let all her hard work fade at a time when more womb twins in need are coming to fruition every day. To do my part, as the only healer in the world trained under Althea's supervision, I realize I can't do it alone so I have decided to harness technology to create a healing portal to allow womb twins all over the world to heal themselves and each other. will be rolled out in early 2014 so if you're interested in joining please email me your contact info at More info to come soon. This year I feel so far down the healing path that I don't feel any particular rituals are needed, I remember my womb twins in my heart all the time. And my twin appears in the form of pennies, though not as often anymore because I've healed, but last night there were two on the subway platform where I stood, she included one for her identical twin she lost (we were fraternals who each absorbed identicals very early) so that was her way to tell me she was celebrating womb twin day too! I am celebrating womb twin day today, me and my twins' birthday tomorrow, my twin's death the following day so that takes me right to Christmas Eve and Christmas. But my holidays will be spent working on because I'm so inspired to get it going, particularly after a an amazing session this week with a new womb twin survivor from Texas who found in this work the miracle he prayed for and that makes it all worthwhile. Happy Holidays starting with Womb Twin Day! Monica - USA