November 21, 2010

November's Hello from Canada

The frigidity of the winter season has snuck up on us here in B.C.
The frozen blanket of the white stuff glistens by the light of the moon as the barometer plunges into minus double digits.
The beauty of the fresh fallen snow is almost reverent as it lends a clean, quiet tranquility to our surrroundings. As we gear up for the Season of giving and good cheer.

November is a month that has alot of milestones for me.
It is not only the month I was born (on the 20th and Michael, my twin was delivered).
It is also the anniversary of my last cancer treatment, November 18, 24 years ago.
I was a mere 17 yr old when diagnosed with stage 3b Hodgekin's Disease.
Against the odds, it took 2 years, 4 treatments, and a multitude of surgeries to bring me back to the land of the living.

Like clock work, though, starting the week before, I find myself down right melancholy.
Still, 44 years later I find myself sad, bordering on depressed.

I have alot to be happy about.
My story IS somewhat of a miracle...

Yet, I find myself closing off to people in my life.
I isolate myself and am sometimes snarky towards my family.
I struggle to let people 'in'.

I am learning more and more about being the sole survivor of a multiple birth,
I try to be more sensitive to the signs.
So I can do my best to make the necessary adjustments.

These built in warnings I've learned are my body's way to let me know someone very important in my life is gone.
I was once deadened to these warnings.
Thanks to this site, my awareness and understanding has grown.

As I get older and my journey in this life continues, my heart becomes more open to acknowledging my earliest experiences.
Most importantly the person who shared the most intimate relationship I have ever had,
my 'womb mate'.
My twin, Michael leaves an impact on me, to this day.
I don't expect it will ever change.

Maybe the experience will become a less painful as I continue my journey of survival.
Along with my awareness on how much I have been affected by his loss.

What I know for certian, is that the more I validate my brother, and his impact on my life.
The easier his absence from my life becomes.

I also know we need to validate ourselves as the twinless twins we are.
It is the only way we can find the road to recovery.
Even if we never got the chance to share that twin bond outside the womb.
We are still twins inside our hearts.

Live In Peace and Peace Will Live In You!

November 01, 2010

Information session and workshop, NYC, May 2011

I will be in New York in May 2011, on Saturday 7th to be exact. I will be holding an information session, with all the latest research results and also running a workshop. I will have copies of my new book to sign and Monica and Barbara will be there too with plenty to add from their own experience.

Book your place TODAY and we will contact you with details of venue and payment.

See you there!